Thursday, June 20, 2013

Number Rhymes

     I've been busy this summer cleaning out my closets, preparing to move, and getting ready for my first classroom. While I cleaning, I found these rhymes for how to write the numbers 0 through 9. I believe I originally copied these from my little cousin's preschool or kindergarten teachers who wrote them on a newsletter. Some of these I love, but others I think I've heard better in the past and can't remember them. Do you use a fun rhyme to teach little ones how to write numbers or letters?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I'm linking up with Farley's Currently this month!
     If you are visiting from the linky, welcome! I just graduated college, student taught in first grade, and have a job teaching forth and fifth grade at an international school in Venezuela next year. Now, I'll go into a little more detail concerning my currently responses.
Listening - I love musical and Disney music! Wicked is currently my favorite.
Loving - I got my teaching license last week! Indiana now long sends a paper copy, instead I just printed mine off. I am certified to teach K-6 general education and mild intervention.
Thinking - When I came home from college, I put most of my stuff neatly in the corner until I could go through it since I don't need most of it together any more. Well, now I started going through it, and it's magically taken over my room. I would post a picture, but it is terrible. I need to sort through it to see what I need to pack for teaching in Venezuela, what I should get rid of, and what I need to put away in the basement for whenever I will need it again in the future.
Wanting - My dad was suppose to go for a bike ride with me this morning, but we slept in too late. He said we can go when he gets home, but now it's starting to look like it may rain.
Needing - For this summer, my "work" consists of organizing my life, preparing to teach in Venezuela (which is a lot more than just preparing to teach), and taking care of lots of paperwork and other summer projects. For now, I'll work on organizing my room so that I can sleep on my bed tonight.
3 Vacation Essentials - A camera is essential because I love to take pictures, scrapbook, and reminisce over past trips. Sunscreen is second since I am a redhead and can be visibly burnt after sitting in the shade in Florida for ten minutes during the winter (that really has happened). Finally, no trip is complete without other people. It would be boring without family or friends for too long.
Thanks for stopping by!
Feel free to look at past blogs and read about my time student teaching and finishing college.