Saturday, May 5, 2012

Survival, Placement, and Currently

    I'm back, and I survived. The Praxis 2 was easy, but giving up time for it was not. Teaching my fifth graders all day one day last week went really well. The schedule ended up being very jumbled with ISTEP practice testing that none of the teachers knew about until the day before. The students were wonderful though and really seemed to enjoy the lessons I taught them. I'll tell more about it later as well as post about the mini-thematic unit I taught. 

    In other exciting news, I officially recieved my placements for student teaching in the fall! During the first quarter, I will be in a second grade classroom, and the second half will be in a 4th to 6th grade special education room. Second grade has definately been my favorite grade of the past experiences I have had, so I am looking forward to being in it again at a different school. I'm also interested to see what my special ed. placement will be like. So far I have been in an elementary life skills classroom and an emotional behavioral disorders classroom, and my fall placement sounds like a resource room. I can't wait for the fall!

Finally, I decided to join my first linky (hopefully, I did it right), Farley's May Currently.

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