Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fun in First!

     Today was so much fun! Well, at least the end of the day was. During specials, we had a BIP review meeting. It was running late, so I went to pick up the students from specials. When we were back in the classroom, I knew my teacher needed to finish the meeting for a few minutes, so I picked up a book that I was looking for a time to read. It was Duck on a Bike by David Shannon. I have been trying to familiarize my students with David Shannon. We have talked about how he wrote his first David book as a young child and how he draws from personal experiences. I even shared how you can find his dog, Fergus, in each of Shannon's books. Anyways, this book was such a fun read aloud. I used character voices, and my students were very involved. They even found Fergus, and this is a harder book to find him in! When my teacher came back in the room, I saw her smile. Then, she gave me another book to read, Bear's New Friend, and she told the students to listen to my character voices. I love reading aloud!

     Tonight, we had a rollerskating party. I went and saw seven of our students there (plus my teacher and principal)! It was hysterical watching my students skate. I even put my rollerblades on and enjoyed skating with them. Some were begging me to skate with them more. I loved seeing our students outside of a school and meeting their families again.

     Another fun thing about today was that my students found pencils in their Writing Workshop folders that were left by Sam (see this post for more info.). There is nothing like a bunch of first graders trying to thank Sam the library mouse loud enough so that he can hear them.

    Of course, today had some frustrating parts, too, like math. I just feel like I am not able to meet everyone's needs and the curriculum is too confusing for them, but that's another post. For now, I will focus on the things that remind me why I want to be a teacher, which is mostly the students.


  1. I'm sure your students loved seeing you outside of the school day. They remember things like that. :)

  2. Good luck to you in your student teaching. First grade is a fun place to be!