Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Multiplication Games

     During the first few weeks of school this fall August/September (I no longer live in a place with seasons; my students don't even believe that they exist), I want my students to work on reviewing their multiplication facts since this is an integral part to forth and fifth grade math. I'll have to see where they are at, but I'm hoping to use a variety of games and methods to review multiplication. Here are some of my ideas (mostly borrowed from other places and linked to the actual information):

War - Use Uno Cards to play war where they have to multiply for the answer to win

Matching Game

Hidden Picture (Find the Wrong Equations) (Courtesy of Pinterest Pin)

Using Legos in Socks to Write Multiplication Equations

Ping Pong Multiplication Game

Multiply Four Ways Worksheets

Musical Chairs

Spiral Multiplication Game

Multiplication Board Game

Multiplication Bingo

Fact Ball (I really like this one!)

Color By Multiplication Sheets

     I also really need to have math centers (also called stations) since I am covering two grade levels and a variety of current levels. Here are some ideas I found from others who are doing math centers/stations:

BEAM Math Centers
MATH Stations
Guided Math in a Multi-age Classroom
Math Centers Linky Party

Do you do centers with your class?
How do you review multiplication? I'd love more ideas.

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