Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm Busy Beads

     Today was my first day at my student teaching placement. We were in faculty meetings all day, which were long at times, but I enjoyed meeting the teachers. During our meetings, we discussed the students' code of conduct, how the teachers are evaluated, Common Core standards, and their school improvement plan.

    I met my teacher, whom I will call Mrs. D., and learned a little bit about her classroom. One great idea that she uses in her classroom are "I'm busy beads." Basically, it's a cheap bead necklace that she puts on when she's busy. Students know that when she is wearing those beads they can't ask her a question or interrupt her. Mrs. D said that it has worked very well in the past and is great especially while she is working with a small group during the literacy block. I think I will definitely pick up a some beads to also use.

    I can't wait for tomorrow! We have a few more meetings and will spend most of the day working on the classroom. Students start Monday!

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