Thursday, October 11, 2012

Band-Aid Stories

      During Writers' Workshop, I have allowed my students to free write, except the first month always had to be a small moment from your life (district wide for first grade). Sometimes, I would suggest things they could write about such as a recently lost tooth, but ultimately, it is up to them.

     One idea I gave them was to write a Band-Aid story. This was someting we did in my early childhood education class a few years ago. The students write a story about a time when they got hurt. When it is all done and well illustrated, they can put an actual Band-Aid on their picture. This is great because a Band-Aid is a wonderful motivator. I only let my students receive one if they did their best work. Also, it can be done with almost any grade level. In preschool, the teacher could write a dictated sentence. My first graders could have only written one page, but many of them wrote much more! Older students can continue writing more but they may like it just the same.

Here are some examples of my students' work:

 my ElreShic bick acksdit (My Electric Bike Accident)
I wet on my elreshrick bick I... wet in the grass then i wett in the shret. i fel on the shret i got a blodey ney it hrtid naw i am hrst it hrsts. MoMy im bling. dot it Look LiKe it hrst!!- i know seid MoMy i no i what to frow up iuy it is naste yoce pee you.

 My Bandad Story

 Me and my 1 sister and my 1 BFF wint roler skating! We scrapt ar ne!

 My BFF fel of ov the monci bars she seid!

My sister fel of the trampin!

the day I fell of my bike
 One time a go I was riading my biek with my Dad. I fell of my bikc. I criad a lot owch!


     Now for the last story. If you read the whole thing, it is very well-written for a first grader, and I'll continue writing it so that you can actually see. If you don't care to read the more than ten page story, I don't blame you. I just can't help to show off my students' work though and prove how much first graders can write at the BEGINNING of the year. I will fix the capital letters when I am typing it though because I need to for the sanity in typing it.

The Terabll Fall
Didcattit to Peyton
One time I whattid to go to the play grownd. Mom can I go!

One time I was playing on the slid. I got tiadd of playing on the slid. So I wint somewrelese.  
I watted to play on the mokey bari's and...

That's is what i did

I fell off the mokey baris and I hret my leg it was bad! I ask't my grandma can I have a banddade?

I fiunly fond her.

She said yes

She gave a banddade.


My leg fellt bettr. Now I have a banddade to ramind me mot to evre hang upsied down on the mokey baris agein.

Now I do not play on the mokey bri's aney mroe!

I hop it is not my brother's tane (turn)!

It is!
Now my brother has to get a banddade. The end!

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  1. It's fun to share what first graders can do. Thanks for sharing!
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