Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Food Groups

     During science/health, we are learning about being healthy. In two weeks, we are taking a field trip to a place where we will learn more about being healthy. I spent two days teaching about the different food groups. On the first day, we looked at the food groups on a food pyramid handout that my teacher copied for us to use. Then, I had put a paper piece of food on their desks. They had to color it and decide which group it belonged in. Next, we met on the carpet and put our foods on the food plate, where we discussed how we should have something from each of these groups at most of our meals. Here is the food plate anchor chart we made:
I am still working on my anchor chart making skills. I ran out of room for the s on food groups and wrote the other words too small, but I am improving! At least it didn't smear too much, which is usually my problem, being left-handed. My words are also consistent in size, which is something else I have been working on while I am writing large enough for my students to read. On another note, I love these giant post-it note charts.

     On the second day, we started by reviewing the food groups using a worksheet that had the groups with some foods that did not belong. We crossed out the foods that did not belong in that food group. Then, we started our food plate projects. Together, we divided our plates into five sections with dairy in the middle. Then, I passed out ads from our local grocery store. They searched through the ad, cutting out one food to put in each section.

     Having the worksheet from earlier really helped some who struggled, plus they could look at the chart from the day before. Overall, I think my class did a great job! Some did not finish that day, but I gave them time another day to draw in a food from the groups that they were missing.


     This week, we will continue covering things we can do to be healthy such as exercising and keeping our bones strong. What do you do to teach health in your classroom? Please leave me comments. I love each and every one.

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