Friday, October 5, 2012

Update and Currently

      It's a new month! I love October with the leaves changing colors and pumpkins. It is nice to love being warm again. This weekend I wanted to go to a corn maze, but unfortunately it's raining all weekend and cold. Instead, I think I will spend my weekend in warm, comfy clothes by our fake fireplace with hot chocolate at my side. Hopefully, I will be working on my portfolio instead of surfing the web or playing on Pinterest. Here is my October currently from Farley's Oh' Boy 4th Grade:
    The past week in student teaching (first grade) I was teaching almost all day if not all day. Next week, I start decreasing my load already down to only one subject, which makes me sad. Soon though, I will be at my special education placement, which is so exciting! I love first grade, but it is also exciting to have two placements.

I hope you have a good weekend! Please comment below. I think having a linky party, sharing our school pictures from when we were in the grade we are teaching now. I'm not sure how to throw one, and it won't work well with only ten followers. If you have an idea, let me know.

Funny story from today, or at least it was at the time:
     One student was playing with her pants when we sat on the carpet for ten minutes. She ended up tying the bottom of her pants in a knot. When she got up, she went and sat down, quietly asking me to help her untie it. I told her I would help her when everyone started working during Writing Workshop. I completely forgot! She was working so diligently, while most of my students would raise their hand to continue asking me. One the way to art, I noticed that they were still tied together! She walked all the way to art like that. Then, I pulled her aside, apologized for forgetting, and worked to untie it. She said, "This will take half of art class." I struggled to assure her that is would not. After a few minutes, I got it untied. She said, "Thank you. That was so embarrassing!" The way she said it was hysterical. I felt so bad that I forgot about it, but she definately will not be tying her pants together anytime soon.


  1. Love the story you shared!! Ask my memory is AWFUL!! I forget stuff all the time!!

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  2. Funny story..good luck with your special ed placement! I once had a student accidentally get locked in the coat closet by another student..he spent the entire lunch period in there :(
    Rock Stars At Work

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Stranger. I have always saved it for the author study at the end of the year! I guess with common core, it really won't work! I might have to pull it out early this year!

  4. Kids keep things interesting. We discussed today why fart noises in the armpits is not appropriate behavior during read aloud.
    ~April Walker
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